Local Coupon Books

Local Coupon Books

Superior Marketing brought the very first Local Coupon Book to Hayward Wisconsin in 2020. This was a great tool to help restaurants and local establishments generate a revenue base between tourism season and winter months. The Local Coupon Book offered 21 establishments an opportunity to advertise in the coupon book, and each advertisement option included a half page with 3 coupons or a full page ad with 6 coupons. More coupons obviously means more redemption opportunities.


Local establishments reported the following:

  • 4.6 visits per month for regular guests (up from 2.4 visits per month)

  • 13% increase in ticket size for each guest

  • On average, 83 first time customers redeeming coupons

  • Approximately 27,000 coupons were redeemed (21 establishments participated)

Note: 21 establishments participated in the local coupon book, 5000 coupon books were distributed through the mail to local PO Boxes and local addresses, as well as handed out to those in the extended areas, and coupon options were 3 coupons or 6 coupons per establishment.

It was estimated that the Local Coupon Book provided a 691% return on investment, based on interviews with those that were available for the post-project assessment.

Bayfield Coupon Book (coming soon)

Bayfield Wisconsin has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Wisconsin and the Lake Superior states region. Bayfield has boutique shopping locations, beautiful lodging opportunities, as well as great dining in the city of Bayfield as well as surrounding communities.