why is local marketing important?

Superior Marketing | October 29, 2020

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why is local marketing important?

​Understanding the importance of Local Marketing and its implementation for business growth is pivotal for future development.

Focusing on local markets first is always the best decision for any business that wants to strengthen its roots or the one that wants to spread its reach to a worldwide audience.

For a business’s growth in a local market, the pivotal step should be establishing its presence in the local area (where the business is active) while using the best local business marketing techniques.

Here is the list of one of the most essential marketing tactics that any business should follow to make an impact on the local market.

Local Distribution of Business Information

Distributing the information locally will help you attract more customers. Regardless of whether you have established your presence or not, it is important to notify your customers that you are active in your business. This can be the most important factor in gaining new customers. This could mean anything from hiring out billboards to handle some of the fliers. As long as you keep your customers engaged, you can attract customers to your business.

Enhance Partnerships

When you target the local audience, you can find yourself shaking hands with the other businesses in the local area. Local government leaders can also be a great help for establishing or expanding your business. Consider working with other businesses in your geographic location whom service the same customer. For example, let's say that you sell and service garage doors. In most cases, you'll find great success in partnering with others in your space that sell products, services, and solutions to others in your space. I like to call this "Joint Venture Marketing", whereas you and 1-2 other businesses share in the cost of a marketing campaign to reach new customers that each business can capitalize on with a sales opportunity.

Grow your Business Online through Reviews

When you have the best business partnership with your local customers, it makes you more creative and less expensive in marketing opportunities. When the relationship is better, there are higher chances of enhancing your social media presence. Happy customers can share guest posts, links, social media contents, and also do some other free and reciprocal advertising. One of the biggest opportunities to capture customer satisfaction is through Google Reviews, generating numerous 5-star reviews produces a response in your Google Map. That's right, your map moves up the ladder and into the Local 3-Pack, and those beautiful 5-star reviews are shining bright for every potential customer to see, read and use in part of their decision making process.

Local Marketing is Cost Effective

Though social media promotion is a virtually free tool, it is not a case with other marketing methods. In the instance of TV commercials or print media marketing, it is always expensive. In such a situation, Local SEO becomes a cost-effective and impactful method for a small business in Wisconsin to get local attention. Local SEO is the act of producing numerous images, videos, articles, and advertisements and delivering them to your community. On average, 63% of all calls and clicks come from a Google search. 21% come from social media, which offers credence that putting a strong focus on Google is still the most cost-effective way to generate new and repeat business.

Referrals and Recommendations

Before the reign of digital marketing, word of mouth was the highly used strategy and it is still one of the best strategies to spread awareness. Many people think that this technique has lost its charm, but that is not true. The fact is local marketing enhances its impact and help the business gain more customer attention through word of mouth. Research also says that around 77% of the prospective customers will make a buying decision based on the word and recommendation of a friend, relative or associate.

Content Marketing to Educate Prospective Customers

In small towns, this is one strategy that is deeply neglected. In fact, the majority of individuals, whether local or visitors, will seek out educational content to learn more about a product, service or solution prior to making a buying decision. In fact, 73% of the research has been completed online and offline prior to calling your number, walking into your show floor, or booking an appointment. Content Marketing is the act of producing articles, blog posts, videos, and infographics for prospective customers to consume and form decisions based on the content they consume. Let your prospects make decisions based on the content which you provide.

Final thoughts

Being able to apply great marketing strategies with minimum expenses is one of the best ways to enhance your business growth. However, if you want to focus on your business services, you can always hire one of the Top Rated Digital Marketing Firms in Wisconsin.

Whether you're focus is awareness, generating more calls, scheduling more appointments, or bringing more people to your show floor. The most effective solution is to embrace local marketing and shift the focus to lowering marketing costs associating with bringing in new customers.

Curtis DeCora
Business Strategist
Superior Marketing


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