Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals Case study

Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals

Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals is a vacation and condominium rental agency located in Bayfield Wisconsin. Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals provides Lakeside Suites, Beachfront Condos, and Lakefront Condo accommodation types.

In 2020, Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals was formed to fulfill the need for a property management and rental management agency. Immediately, BWR secured contracts with units at Reiten Boatyard, Port Superior, Brookside Hide-Away, and Bayfield on the Lake condominium hotel properties.

Initial Marketing Strategies

Initially, much like other companies, they began managing AirBNB, and VRBO listings for owners. The company was listed as a property manager and would manage rental bookings, communication with guests, housekeeping, maintenance, financial reports, tax filing, and a wide range of other services. BWR ownership quickly came to find that AirBNB and VRBO as OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) took a large chunk of the revenue charged to guests.

The website was built on ResNexus, and there was minimal traffic, the 2020 annual traffic was 1,879 page views and 892 users. There was no advertising done to promote the business, and Search Engine Optimization was non-existent. The word of mouth was few and far between. The base of business was coming through AirBNB and VRBO.

BWR finished the 2020 season with a sound revenue channel, a solid list of guests that had booked with them, and contact information.

New Marketing Strategies

On February 1, 2021 Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals contracted Superior Marketing to provide support and service to help grow the business.

Stage 1: Website Redesign

Step one was to redesign the website and make it mobile friendly, and optimized for search. The rental business has huge traffic for the Bayfield and Lake Superior region. This was a prime opportunity to capture that traffic and ensure that more calls, clicks and customers were generated.

Stage 2: On-Site Content

There was no content on the old site that included Bayfield Wisconsin. The area is a high volume tourism region that includes a wide range of guests looking for things to do. Stage 2 included writing content revolving around hiking trails, water falls, kayaking and paddling opportunities, biking trails and routes, Apostle Island tours, charter boat fishing, and many other activities. We ranked all of the restaurants in the area based on Google reviews. Additionally, each unit received their own page, and were optimized in search, allowing visitors to review each unit for unique characteristics (kitchenette, microwave, private patio, etc).

Stage 3: Press and Coverage

Various press releases were sent to local news sites to inform them of the changes made with the rental agency. This included Covid-19 friendly check-in processes, contactless entry, self check-in capabilities, new amenities, and the resources of things to do which can be found on the BWR website.

Stage 4: Collaborations and Partnerships

As a courtesy to BWR, Superior Marketing took to the community to discuss various collaborative opportunities with area businesses that would help them bring in traffic from the BWR guests. This could be a coupon for a free bagel with purchase of morning coffee, free desert with dinner, etc. These are loss-leaders and simply bring the guests into the door of local establishments.

Stage 5: Email Newsletter

This was a simple integration that helped guests book a second vacation throughout the year, or to come back for Bayfield Apple Festival, Red Cliff Days, or other local events. An email was sent out weekly that included a link to a new article written on the BWR site for "Things To Do in Bayfield Wisconsin", as well as new happenings, events announced or new developments.

Stage 6: Redefining and Segmenting Customers

One of the most fruitful strategies included segmenting customers that were either repeat customers or longer length stays. These are the Cash Cow customers, we identified their next stay by asking them to book their next stay, and we implemented a low-cost welcome basket. This created an opportunity to generate online reviews, referrals, and life time customers on the guest list.

The Results

  • Revenue increased 183% ($244k to $692k)

  • Reservations increased 141% (523 to 1,258)

  • Guests hosted increased 339% (690 to 3,014)

  • Avg Reservation increased 17% ($467.32 to $550.20)

Business Milestones

  • Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals became the 2nd most visited website in Bayfield, right behind the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce

  • Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals is the most visited lodging website in Bayfield Wisconsin

  • Direct booking saw lodging prices 15% lower than that of a AirBNB or VRBO, and BWR kept 17% more revenue than their counterparts that used AirBNB or VRBO.

The increase in gross revenue resulted in greater pay outs to condo owners, and pay increases to BWR staff and employees. One of the owners was able to cash out and retire.

Bayfield Wisconsin Rentals
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