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Digital Advertising has come a long way in the last decade. More than ever, we as business owners, are able to reach out target audience with a couple of well-placed ads. The two most common platforms are Google Adwords and Facebook Business to run advertisements. You may be saying, "My customers don't use Facebook", and you'll be surprised by how many people are scrolling through their Facebook feeds on a regular basis.

2.6 Billion


Facebook reported in 2020 there are 2.6 Billion active user accounts in the world. This should be evidence enough that your customers are using Facebook as a tool to navigate their every day life. Facebook business tools have become more and more robust with groups, business pages, marketplace, and news sections.

Did you know? Every fourth post in Facebook is a sponsored ad. Facebook has optimized news feeds so meet the demands of businesses looking to get in front of their target customers. You too could get in front of your ideal customers for a fraction of the price you're spending on newspaper or radio ads.

3.5 Billion


Google reports an average of 3.5 Billion searches every single day. That means, people are opening Google in their personal computer, tablet or smart phone and typing in things they want to know more about. This includes products, services, locations, pop culture, or even which local businesses deliver during Covid-19. This is a great opportunity to get in front of your ideal customers by utilizing Google Ads.

Where do I start and what can I do to ensure I don't waste money?

That's a great question, and the most commonly asked question by prospective clients before they join us. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Manager have robust tools we have perfected to help extract data to help you predict how many clicks you'll likely get, how many people will see your ad, and we can turn it on, or turn it off based on your needs. If you're getting too many orders, we'll scale it back. If you're not getting enough, we look at the data and make informed decisions to help you get the results you're seeking. Again, these platforms are just tools to help you reach your audience quicker and more effectively. It's like going to the hardware store and buying tools and materials to do a plumbing project, you're better off hiring a professional than going at it alone. That's where we come in.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has the most targeted, robust and cost-effective advertising platform on planet earth. If you want to show ads to women within 10 miles of your store between the ages of 25-30 with children, are avid shoe shoppers, are married and watch The Bachelor - you can do that with Facebook Advertising. If you want to show ads to everyone adult in a 30 mile radius to promote your happy hour or dinner special - you can do that, as well. The sky is the limit and completely up to you how you want to promote your business, product, services or solutions. Schedule a time with us and we'll happily show you the power of Facebook Advertising.

Run one ad or two ads. Facebook provides data telling you exactly how much it costs to acquire a new customer from your advertising campaign. Your newspaper or radio advertising company could never do that. We run tests using your ads to target specific audiences and ensure that you're getting the lowest possible cost for your results. Stay top-of-mind by running re-targeting ads to those who visited your website and didn't book an appointment, make a purchase or finish their transaction. Facebook empowers you to do this.

Google Ads

Google Ads is another great platform that allows you to secure a place on the top of Google search results. The advertising section appears just above the Maps in Google. This is prime placement. If you're selling a product, service or solution and have a unique characteristic like, "Free Shipping" or "Free Delivery in Hayward Wisconsin" then your advertisement will display at the top of the search results. Google Ads are great for reaching people who know exactly what they want to buy. Google Ads provide the best results for businesses that have a heavy dose of competition in your local area. These ads get you front of people looking for answers now. Need a tow at 2am, Google Ads get the most clicks when you're providing an emergency service. In a 2019 report from Google, it was stated that businesses that spend money on ads produced a 49% increase in consumer confidence.

Schedule an Advertising Discussion

Take a moment and schedule a time to talk about taking your business online with digital advertising. We provide a cost-free, no-obligation discussion with you and your team about your business, and how we can leverage the power of digital advertising to bring you improved results during the Covid-19 era. Consumers are still buying - let's get you in front of them so they can buy from you, as well.