Direct Mail Campaigns

Powerhouse Mailers

In 1835, the American Anti-Slavery Society printed and mailed marketing materials to religious and civic leaders in the south in 1835. This is likely the first direct mail campaign. They created a mailing list from names in newspapers and city directories, among other public lists.

For over 186 years, direct mail campaigns have been a foundation for building businesses, shortening sales cycles, and turning strangers into customers and clients.

All it takes is an offer, an envelope a stamp and a hyper-targeted list to leverage direct mail as part of your growth strategy.

The Birth of Mail Order Business

In 1872, Montgomery Ward launched a mail order catalog that was just one page. Richard Warren Sears soon followed suit with the Sears catalog, changing the face of retail. Until the early-2000s, retail changed and moved online, inclusive of online shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. For roughly 100 years, consumers were making purchases by sending in checks and money orders with an order form found in magazines and direct mail post cards. In the move, Wolf of Wall Street, consumers would send in post cards expressing interest in investing in stocks. This model spanned across various verticals, niches, and industries. Today, we see more digital advertising, which can be found on our social media news feeds, inline with our online news articles and favorite blog posts, as well as in our Google searches.

The Current State of Direct Mail

Today, Superior Marketing has utilized direct mailers as part of the sales cycle, helping consumers enter the buying cycle. As phone screening software becomes more prominent, email software puts more emails into spam folders or promotional tabs, and no-solicitation signs are hung - getting the attention of our prospects and ideal clients has become increasingly difficult and increasingly expensive. Direct mail has been a highly effective method to reaching our prospects with the proper mail campaign.

Direct Mail Pros and Cons

In 2019 and 2020, Superior Marketing helped launch three businesses with a combination of direct mail and localized SEO. Three Bears Lawn Care was born with a sales letter, and an offer to win one free month of lawn care services. The father, son and daughter owned business went from 0 accounts to full time, 40-50 hours a week, accounts in just 21 days. Big Bang Fireworks, another Hayward WI based business sells out an average of 3x in just a 10-14 day window every summer, all based on leveraging direct mailers and SEO. Boozhoo Coffee Company, another Hayward WI based business, sells 300+ lbs of coffee each month by way of an email newsletter, direct mailers and SEO.